Symbol of the brand and conveying the values aligned with our Vision , the removable collar constitutes in our eyes the perfect bridge between the authentic and the modern.


From a practical invention ...

It was during the first half of the 19th century that the removable collar was invented. Hannah Lord Montague, a housewife in Troy, New York, notices that this is the part of the shirt (with the cuffs) most subject to wear due to its exposure. She decides to unstitch it and install buttons to make it detachable. Very quickly noticed, the concept was patented and then spread rapidly, until it became the benchmark in ready-to-wear. Not only effective for maintenance, the idea is attractive due to its economic aspect: no need to change an entire shirt when only the most exposed parts are worn.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the arrival of the washing machine made life easier for households in the maintenance of their clothes and put an end to the difficulties encountered until then. Later, the onset of World War II knocks down the removable collar. Soldiers need practical uniforms, which must be made as quickly as possible; the collars are therefore attached to the shirts. Although kept alive by certain clothing manufacturers, the concept is gradually disappearing in the eyes of the general public, overwhelmed by the rise of “casualwear” at the dawn of the 1960s. At a time when consumers are looking for more materials and cuts. relaxed, the removable collar, disadvantaged by a mode of attachment that has become obsolete, does not manage to regain a prominent place in ready-to-wear.

… With stylistic added value

In 2020, Claude decides to rely on the desire of consumers to return to a reasoned industry to put the concept forward. A bridge is then created between the mode of production and the concept, between the authentic and the modern: the production of shirts and collars, using resolutely modern tools, has been designed and executed by relying on proximity and local know-how. The concept, purely authentic and having reached its peak at the beginning of the last century, is for its part modernized to align with new needs.

Ready to make a comeback, the removable collar offers consumers a choice, and gives them the ability to change their style in seconds. Thanks to a simplified attachment mode, it now avoids the pitfalls of the past and will sublimate your outfits to the rhythm of your desires.


Find out here how to attach and detach your removable collar:

An explanatory video in progress! It will be online very soon.