Claude being a brand created during France’s first lockdown, we strongly suffer from the constraints imposed by the current context. We therefore decided to adapt our production cycle to fight the pandemic.


Step by step at the beginning of 2021...

Uncertainty surely marks the current context. What is the consequence for Claude ? The different point of sales, pop up stores and events during which we planned to meet you were all (except one !) cancelled ; we then decided to not build an important stock for now.
The online store is now open, you can freely order once your choice of fit, cuffs and collar(s) is made. If you wish to see, touch or try on our shirts, personal fitting sessions can be booked here.
Following our crowdfunding campaign, a production slot has already been reserved with our factory for the end of January. Thereby, everything you’ll order from today will be produced from this date, for a delivery at the end of February.

…While we wait to meet you back everyday.

This way of functioning allows us, in those uncertain times, to develop our range of clothes and accessories while giving you the possibility to get, simply and online, Claude’s shirts and collars.
It goes without saying that we’ll reinforce our presence in stores as soon as possible, to offer you the most enhanced experience with us.