Claude was created in 2020 with the desire to engage with fashion and the consumer.

From a Conviction ...

The few years which have allowed us to bring this project to fruition have revealed certain certainties. Among them, the desire to go further than a concept, than a brand, than a product.
Getting into fashion in 2020 means choosing to enter a sector that is full of new players, day after day, but it is above all a challenge.
At the start of a new decade, we have made the choice to join a dynamic fighting for the renewal of one of the most polluting industries in the world. Relying on local players with recognized know-how, imagining and creating sustainable products, we are now convinced that product quality and transparency shape the brands of tomorrow.

... An Ambition is born

These values being anchored at the heart of the brand, we have chosen the removable collar as a symbol of our vision. While the concept, which has now almost disappeared, will be modernized to facilitate its daily use, the production cycle will return to simple, local, traceable and sustainable bases. This interplay between eras allows us to "modernize the authentic" while respecting our DNA.
Claude thus aims to be part of the dynamics of a renewed textile market, a high-end French alternative towards a sustainable consumption.